No one has managed to escape the ever-increasing water, electricity, gas and petrol price surges. Every family has felt the crunch and our Home of Hope family is no different. With over 60 beneficiaries in Home of Hope, we are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate these extra costs while many donors are no longer able to support us.

The huge responsibility rests on our shoulders to provide 24h care to 19 children in our Child and Youth Care Centre, including their daily water, electricity and petrol to school and back, not to mention the many clinic and doctors’ appointments. We additionally support 37 children in our special needs school, Amathemba. Some of which come from a local underprivileged community. During their time with us they receive a warm shower, a nutritious meal and clean clothing. Without us transporting them to school and back they would not access these basic needs. Furthermore, we have 13 special needs young adults participating in our Living Life Project and Anselm Farm who live and/or work with us in sheltered employment and housing opportunities as we teach them skills to enable them to hopefully live independently one day.

We have cut all our costs as much as we can in our daily functioning. Including timed showers, major menu cuts and strict driving schedules to name a few. However, we cannot cut down more than we have already. While we are very grateful for donations of food, clothing and other goods,  we rarely receive financial support towards our running costs which mainly consist of utility bills and petrol costs.  Without the finances to cover these running costs we are not able to continue educating, feeding and supporting the children we do.

This is where we need you!

Donate towards this campaign and help us provide a brighter future to those who need us most!

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